Hearts of stone - looks can kill
Diamond smiles
Oh, what you feel
Oh anyway
It's not too late 
Remember all the lies you made
Oh, dreams go on - I lost my mind
Oh, it's hard a love to find
Yeah, I don't care - cry for you
Anyway like dreamers do
You touched my life - feel my heart
Over and over
We will try a start

Don't ... be a hero tonight
Don't ... be a fool
If your heart is been broken
I'll be by your side
Don't ... break the rules

King of fools - take your time
Oh, I lose this heart of mine
Yeah, no more tears - born to run
Oh, my baby, we are young
Oh, feel my heart - can't explain
Now I feel your love again
Oh anyway, win my love
Over and over I need that stuff
You touched my life - feel my heart
Over and over
We try a start


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