There's no montain that's high enough
Oh, to break the ways of love
Where is all the feelings gone ?
On this new world, baby
Deep in the heart of you
You know what your love can do
Seven lonely nights and days
You're walking through fire, baby
Dreams will never die
Come on my baby, let us try
Pull the strings of all emotions
In the shadownights

In Smokey Joe's cafй
I see you back again
In Smokey Joe's cafй
That's where the rainbow ends
These fight won't last forever
Babe, when we stay together
Come let us build a better world
In Smoky Joe's cafй

Oh, we're living in a world of dreams
And we hide behind the sheets
Sunshine feeds the brand new world
In this heartbeat city, baby
City of the losts and founds
We are young and we will count
All the tears to a better life
Meet me in the dreamland, baby
Dreams will never lie
Come on my baby, let us try
Pull the strings of all emotions
In the shadow nights


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