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C. C. CATCH was an idol for millions. In the book written by Dieter Bohlen there is a whole chapter dedicated to her. As for me I did not buy the book I borrowed it from a friend. And I have an impression that the book was written not by a producer but by a yellow journalist.

Millions of C. C. CATCH records were sold, but there came a day when Caroline decided to leave him as she did not want to work with him any more. She was not the only one who was irritated by his arrogance.

C. C. CATCH did not want to be a dummy in a series of hit recordings.

Where are all those who with their sweat and blood earned millions for Dieter? There were more than 100 of them, not many of them are still remembered, while all the money came to a pushful economist.

Here is what Caroline herself and other representatives of show-business think about the book by Dieter.

Frank Farian (producer): You live off others. You has always been and will be a little suburban asshole for me. You have nothing in common with a real musical producer, you are a paper-stainer.
Moreover, you are a real hog in private life. Producers who worked for you and singers who sang for you do not get any of the money they deserve.

You hasn't even written books yourself, you has only been telling what you invented!

Geff Harrison, producer, composer: I know him for a long time, we've been cooperating with him for a long time, we released records together.
Bohlen has economical education, he knows that the one who shares gets less. My songs were written for MODERN TALKING and C. C. CATCH. However my name never appeared on the covers of records. Nevertheless, there was a little-known trial on January 20, 1986. According to the ruling of the court Dieter and Harrison created the group MODERN TALKING together.

Dieter, you preferred not to say the whole truth in your book.

С. С. СATCH: In his book he brought accusation against my family, he wrote that he was searching for my father through Interpol. It could not have been my father as at that time I had another producer.

I am not going to sue against Dieter Bohlen, it would be painful for my father and I think that Dieter is not worth it. This book was written only to earn money and it is for people who are interested in such stories.

He stated that I wouldn't be able to go on without him, that I would have problems, but for him money is the most important thing.

I was asked the same question million times: You are super popular, why do you leave everything, why do you leave him? I felt constant pressure. I couldn't realize my creative potential. There wasn't a conflict as such, I simply left everything, I left him, I said that it wouldn't happen any more.
I have to do everything by myself and find my own way.

He wanted to take away my stage name. It hurt me. However the court decided that he has no right to do it. C. C. CATCH is me, there is no other way, this name belongs to me. It was another lawsuit which Dieter lost.

PETER MULLER (Caroline's father and her producer): He is very nice but he can be evil. Caroline earned enough when she was working with Dieter, however the most of the money was obtained by Dieter.

KRAYZEE (rapper, worked with Bohlen in the 90s): I earned a great deal of money working with Dieter Bohlen, but I got not all.

SALU (singer SECRET STAR): Dieter wanted to be not only the song write and composer, he wanted me!

He was harassing me. I simply turned him out of doors, he couldn't stand it. I was 21 year old. It was cool to refuse Dieter Bohlen. His vanity was injured. After that my career ended in a flash, in a blink!!!

I did not have a chance, I couldn't stand up. I have never thought that he can be such a brute.

Diter Bolen


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