Know that this question may sound stupid but I still want to ask you: What are you doing in Russia?
Krayzee: What am I doing in Russia? Oh, we're having a great time going all around Russia, doing shows - it's a big tour. I love Russia myself, I did a song called "Walking in Moscow" - that's how much I love Russia. C.C., myself, the entire group - we love every minute of it. Even though it's cold!

How long have you been working with C.C.?
Krayzee: Oh, almost 7 years now.

And how did you get to work with Dieter Bolen?
Krayzee: First I was in the studio - I did choreography for a group called Fun Factory, and the studio was in Hamburg, Germany. And the other producer in the studio - he knew that Modern Talking was coming out- well, Dieter said: "Hey, I need a rapper for my group Touche, for YMCA", and the producer said: "Take Krayzee cause Krayzee's good." So I did YMCA with Touche. When I was at the video shoot from Touche, Dieter Bolen called me and said, "Krayzee, I need you to come back and do C. C. Catch". Wow!!!! So, in one-month's time I had studio with Touche, video with Touche, studio with C. C. Catch, and video! But C. C. Catch wasn't there - at first. If you know that video for MegaMix, you see only me, because C.C. wasn't there, she was in London, she didn't know anything about it! Then, after it came out - boom! - YMCA goes in the charts, C. C. Catch goes in the charts! So BMG says: call C.C., get C.C. back! So C.C. came back and - we're here now.

How long have you been rapping?
Krayzee: Oh, I've never thought about that question. Seriously, for music on CDs it's been now 6.5 years, but I've been rapping for maybe 14 years.

And where? On the street?
Krayzee: Yeah, on the street, at home, with my friends… You know, a friend of mine had a little studio - a computer and a little keyboy, and he made a little beat, and I said, "OK, let's rap". And we sort of rapped and stuff you know. And I kept getting better and better, and - here I am today!

Krayzee Krayzee

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